New/Re-opened Grants


Easy Grants: Bankwest Foundation

Flying Start Programme – Jetstar (Closes 31 March 2018)

Holden Home Ground Advantage (Closes 31 March 2018)



Health Promotion Innovation Fund (Closes 2 March 2018)

Healthy Canberra Grants (Closes 23 February 2018)


Northern Territory

Grass Roots: Sport and active recreation grants (Ongoing)

Sport and Active Recreation Grants: Urgent Funding

General Grants for Women (Ongoing)

Youth Engagement Quick Response Grants (Ongoing)



Community Kitchen Grant (Closes 4 Feb 2018)

Infrastructure Grants (Opens 1 Feb 2018 and closes 19 Feb 2018)



Get Started Vouchers – Queensland Government (Closes 28 March 2018)

Sport and Recreation Disaster Recovery Program (Ongoing)


South Australia

Active Club Program (SA) (Reopens 10 February 2018)

Sports Voucher Program (SA)

Female Facilities Program (SA) (Reopens 10 February 2018)

Grants SA (Minor, ongoing)



General Grants Program – Large Grants – Tasmanian Community Fund (Closes 28 February 2018)

General Grants Program – Small Grants – Tasmanian Community Fund (Closes 14 March 2018)

Minor Grants (TAS) (Closes 7 March 2018)

National/International Sport Championships Program (TAS) (Closes 31 March 2018)



Active Club Grants – VicHealth (Closes 2 March 2018)

Significant Sporting Events Program (VIC) (Closes 28 February 2018)

Emergency Grant: Sport and Recreational Equipment (VIC)

Carlisle Homes Community Grant (VIC) (Closes 30 June 2018)


Western Australia

Big Ideas: LottoryWest (WA)

Community Events (WA)

Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (WA)

Healthway Sponsorship Program (WA)

Community Participation Funding (WA)

Country Sport Enrichment Scheme (WA)

Furniture & Equipment Grant (WA)


Currently Closed Grants

Active Club Program (SA) (Currently Closed | Reopens 10 February 2018)

Female Facilities Program (SA) (Currently Closed | Reopens 10 February 2018)

Sport Access Foundation Grant (Currently Closed | Reopens Early 2018)



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