Funding for Women’s Leadership Development – AUS (closes 7 December)

Jetstar Flying Start

Easy Grants: Bankwest Foundation

Veteran and Community Grants



Youth InterACT Scholarship Program (ongoing)

Healthy Canberra Grants – Focus on preventing Diabetes (closes 7 December)

Healthy Canberra Grants – Focus on reducing alcohol related harm (closes 7 December)


Northern Territory

Grass Roots: Sport and active recreation grants (Ongoing)

Sport and Active Recreation Grants: Urgent Funding

General Grants for Women (Ongoing)

Youth Engagement Quick Response Grants (Ongoing)



Office of Sport NSW – Active kids Provider $100 sports vouchers

The ClubGRANTS Scheme



Sport and Recreation Disaster Recovery Program (Ongoing)

Queensland Destination Event Program (opens 21 November)

Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) – Department of Justice and Attorney-General (QLD) (closes 30 November)

Queensland Government – Get Started Vouchers (round 13 opens early 2019)

SunSmart Shade Initiative 2018 (QLD) (closes 30 November)

Swin Pathways Program (closes 7 December)

Celebrating Multicultural Queensland Program (closes 14 December)


South Australia

Active Clubs Program (SA) (next round opens 6 February 2019)

Sports Voucher Program (SA)

Sport and Recreation Sustainability Program (SA) (closes 5 December)

Sport and Recreation Development and Inclusion Program (SA) (closes 5 December)

Clubs SA / IGC Sponsorship Assistance Program (SA)

Grants SA (Minor, ongoing)



Youth Week Tasmania Grants – Department of Communities (closes 22 November)

Minor Grants Program – Sport and Recreation Tasmania (opens 23 January)

National Representative Fund (ongoing)

One-off Assistance grants (ongoing)

Levelling the playing field grants program (round 2 opens in 2019-20)

Championship grant 



Victorian Government – Young Victorians Challenge Gender Inequality

Emergency Grant: Sport and Recreational Equipment (VIC)

Significant Sporting Events Program


Western Australia

Active Regional Communities Grants (WA)

Big Ideas: LottoryWest (WA)

Community Events (WA)

Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (WA)

Healthway Sponsorship Program (WA)

Community Participation Funding (WA)

Community Capacity Building (WA)

Country Sport Enrichment Scheme (WA)

Furniture & Equipment Grant (WA)

North West Travel Subsidy (WA) (ongoing)




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