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Schools show interest in softball through Sporting Schools

Sporting Schools for Clubs and Associations - Part 2

In last month’s edition of Homeplate News, we introduced the new Sporting Schools Program (SSP). At that stage, the SSP was in its infancy and our intent was to initiate discussion on how we could effectively meet requests from schools to run a softball program. The results from the funding application process have been outstanding. In the first two weeks, 60 requests to run a softball program were received; in the third week that number jumped to 89 with the final number of 163. The following is a breakdown of applications by state, resulting in projected participation of 9,380 on current figures. Program requests would be for a minimum of 4 sessions of softball before, during or after school.
States have now been notified of the schools that requested softball programs, and that information is being used to formulate a plan for developing the softball workforce capable of meeting the substantial demand for softball. Become a Sporting Schools Coach!   If you are interested in becoming a coach for SSP, contact your state association who will be aligning coaches to programs and ensuring they meet the minimum standards required by completing:
  • the ASC general principles course online - click here
  • the Softball Community Coaching Program for Sporting Schools online induction - click here
So spread the word and tell your members about SSP and encourage them to get involved by:
  • identifying possible program coaches at your club who are accredited
  • directing everyone to the Sporting Schools website to register https://www.sportschools.gov.au/
To find out more about SSP and becoming part of softball’s workforce, click here.
To find out more about getting involved in the Sporting Schools Program, or to develop your club pathway program, please contact Softball Australia’s Sport Development Manager, Ben Utting ben.utting@softball.org.au. Link: Sporting Schools for Clubs and Associations - Part 2

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